Fighters & Bombers

This are the fighters that will be used in the mod.

I hope we can put the ending models here soon .

yha'puk fighter

This fighter was used as for pilgrims to travel to the tempel of Kah'less.But refitted with a disruptor gun, it is an exelent figther.

has to be designed yet

cho'ra'ka fighter

On of the most unknow ships of the Klingon Empire. it was designed as a strike bombartment ship. But is has aslo been made able to attack ships in space.

has to be designed yet.

Delta Flyer Squadren

This will become the fighter for the Federation, the Delta Flyer fires phasers at it's enemy's.

Maquis Raider

The Bomber of the federationfires small Phasers and quantum torpedoes at it's foes.

Talon class fighter

The fighter force of the Romulan Star Empire destroyes it's foes with disruptor cannons.

Shrike Bomber

the quick bomber of the romulan Star Empire is one of the fastest ships in the universe.

Borg fighters

The borg get no fighters or Bombers because they don't believe in small ship

only if there are much requests they wil be included