Borg Sphere

This little ship is one of the smallest ships of the Borg that they really build. It is armed with a cutting beam and it can fire strong disruptor burst.

Borg assimilator

This ship is using long range weapons for disabeling ships it want's assimalate.

Akira class Starship

This ship has devasting torpeos bays, and strong phasers.

Nova class Starship

The nova class uses his deflector to increase his range of fire. So it can be used as a atillery ship.

SoQ'Jagh class warship

THis ship has 4 strong disrutor cannons. And is used very much by the Klingon Empire.

klingon d7 cruiser

This ship has a very long range torpedo bay in the head of the ship. The d7 cruiser gains glory bij defeating it's enemy's from great distence.

Griffin Assault Ship

THe griffin Assoult Ship uses 3 plasma beams to destroy it's enemy's.

Raptor class attilery

The newest torpedo designs led to the construction of this ship. It can fire Plasma torpedoes over very long distance.