this is the main page of the meeting mod for empire at war forces of corruption.


Thursday 17th Juli 2008

sorry i forgot to write multiple updates. But finaly here is one!

we modelled some new models and pictures will be on the site soon

done are: the federation super ship and work is on the way for the klingon d7 frigate.

Wensday 11th June 2008

for now we didn't gain any new members.

but the Negh'Var has been completed and we're making pictures now.

Wensday 4th June 2008

we welcome Re4_wersker as our new mapper.

tough there aren't any picures, the Tactical Cube (Units---> ships--> capital ship) is done.

a negh'var is under way, and 've heard that there is hard work on some new concept arts.


saturday 24th may 2008

we welcome Rouwie as our tester.

there are very much new concepts needed since we thought of new units, both land and space.

actualy this is all because in this past week very little progress has been made but this is all the intresting stuff.

sunday 18th may 2008

we still need the same staff as previous week.

the next models are ready to be textured:

-bird of prey mk2 (fighter&bombers)
-defiant class starship (cruisers)
-nova class starship (frigates)
-delta squadren (fighters and bombers)

saturday 10th may 2008

we could still use:

- concept artist
- beta testers
- sound designers
- texture artists
- voice recorderders
- mappers
- animators

also the first 2 models are completed and are ready to be textured (norexan class warbird (capital ships))(Bird of Prey mk1(fighters & Bombers)

Saturday may 3th 2008

This mod is now realy in production!!


we still need:

- concept artists
- modelers
- XML-coders
- texture artists
- testers
- LUA-coders
- Sound designers
- Animators
- Mappers
- voice recorderders

 every week a update will be posted he