Security personel

they are equiped with a light phaser.

sorry, could not find a good picture  (weapon is standard phaser every one has )

Security officer

This are the main force of the federation ground troups. they are equiped with a medium phaser rifle that can cover far mor area then a small phaser

federation long range troops

they use the tr-116 rifle, it is a weapon that can be used as a sniper because of the microtransporter. it can cover a range of 300 meters

Romulan militia

a romulan armed with a small disruptor .

could not find a good image (the same model as a romulan soldier only with this weapon

Romulan soldier

it is armed with a medium disruptor to disintergrate his enemy's. it is a multi purpose soldier because with it's weapon it can also attack crafts with it's disruptor

Tal shiar agent

the tal shiar agent is a feared soldier, even by it's own people. he is a great ground commander.

klingon soldier

these klingon units use a "bath'leth in hand to hand combat

Klingon raid party

this is a group of klingons that uses disruptor rifles to kill their enemy's

Order of the Bath'leth member

This is a very strong melee soldier, he is expensive but also very strong

Borg drones

these are very strong melee units.

Borg special units

it are normal borg but it can fire disruptor burst form his arm

Super borg

this is a very large borg, it is the size of 2 people and has 2 heavy disruptors

Anti-craft troops

they use a kind of bazooka, but it fires a blue blob of energy exploding on impact.

could not find a good picture (weapon from star trek serie : "enterprise")