The Meething mod itself

This mod includes:

- more then 25 new ships (akrira class starship, nova class starship, neg'vhar class warship, borg sphere and more)

- more then 20 playable groundunits (security officer, klingon raiding party, borg drones and more)

- 4 playable races. (Federation, Klingons, Romulans and Borg)

- New weapons (Phasers, disruptors, cuttingbeams and many more)

- More than 8 new worlds (earth, Kronos, Romulus, The Borg Unicomplex and more)

this is the story that is in the game:

There were big fights in the univers between the rebels and the empire,
and a fight between the Romulans, Federation, Klingon and the Borg.
Something happened, some ships in the battle saw that a lot of planets and ships were suddenly gone. But the Rebels and Empire saw massive fleets and planets come out of nowere.
The fleets separated and gone back to their planets that gone with them.
but they continued to fight, even in the other universe. And after some time, the first attack was launced against the rebels and the empire. All races became compleatly dependent of the local money: credits.
War continiued to rage.................

because these 2 wars meet, the mod is called: the meeting mod